Monday, May 14, 2007

Cute Mom's Day cards I got!

This is what my sweet mother-in-law sent me (with the Target gift card!) and my lil' sister, Julie, sent the other awesome card. My MIL purchased the card and I loved her is so dang cute. And my sister's card to me...well, she's amazing. Julie is so funny because she tells me that she's intimidated by my cards, but she has nothing to worry about, does she? Thank you to both of you! Also, my darling husband gave me a fabulous card, but I'm going to just keep that one to myself. I hope everyone had a wonderful M-day!


Kandis Smith said...

Great cards, you got lucky! hope you had a great mother's day!

(oh, and the tag thing, i know it's kinda tricky. The only thing they gave me was that it was supposed to be about 5-10 things that you like to put on your blog and why.)

Summer Adams said...

Wow, Julie's card is awesome and so beautifully detailed! I see the talent runs in the family :)

Heidi said...

Julie's card is so cute!