Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

My only post in February? Are you kidding me? I knew I had been preoccupied with activities not related to card making, but had no idea to what extent until I added this picture for the last day of the month. Oh well! One is better than none, right? This card is a reply to a thank you note I got a few days ago, that I just whipped up for Christine and Chris, who got married over the Christmas holidays (Chris-Christine-Christmas...). I hope they have a happy marriage, a wonderful life together, and an eternity of joy and peace, and a lot of little Chrisses!

You can quote me, I'll try a bit harder in March to create more cards and post them. Happy entire month of February to you! And thanks for the tag, Chat. I almost put together a response, but ran out of oomph! That's the story of my life lately. Take care, everyone.


Melissa said...

Chris, Christine and Christmas? How awesome is that?!!

Excellent job Kelly!

Corie said...

Oh, this is just beautiful.

Summer Adams said...

Simple and beautiful!