Friday, December 4, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

This was so fun to make, putting little surprises in each carton to create a Twelve Days of Christmas gift. Lisa B, thanks for the fabulous idea! These little pouches remind me of the sour cream packets you get at fast food places.
I can't get enough of this gorgeous striped ribbon from Stampin Up!
I made this card last year at Kathy's house and never posted it. It's going in the mail to my aunt and uncle today, so I'm capturing the memory so I can recreate it some day.
My December is starting off with a lot of paper crafting and I'm loving it. I hope you and your family are enjoying this special season as much as I am.


Julie V said...

great idea Kelly. I love advent calenders and this a a great home-made way to do one.

Lonna said...

Those little pouches are really cute. I love all the paper choices that you used. What a fun way to start the countdown.

Brinley V. said...

Thanks so much, Aunt Kelly, for those!!! They are so cute and I love seeing what is inside of them, and waiting until I get home to open them, especially the charm that I got! The paper is so fun and I love the one with the ornaments that is brown and one with the snowflakes! But, sadly, I recently got braces and so some of the candies I can't eat! It makes me sad! :( But, luckily, I will give the gummy candies to my friends! Besides those candies, I am pretty much good with the other stuff!!! But, anyway, this is such a creative idea and you are insanely creative and thoughtful!!! Also, thanks for the cute Skittles bag and notebook! They are great, and I don't want to take them back!!! Well, I hope you have an awesome Christmas!!!

P.S. I agree with my mom strongly :o)