Thursday, January 9, 2014

Love notes and 2013 Christmas card

Hi, everyone!  We managed to get a family photo taken with five out of six of us, and I asked my daughter living in Hong Kong to email a picture, then I ordered Christmas cards that got here about ten days before December 25.  I got most of the cards sent out on time, using my usual system of sending one to the person who sends us a card, which isn't the best method, but it seems to work well enough.  A few cards arrived after my initial mailing, and I got side-tracked with the kids home from school, etc., and finally decided that I should at least send a mini love note with the remaining cards that I send this week since Valentine's Day is only a month away.
I dug though my card stash and found one that I made years ago, and created something similar, even using some mulberry paper from years ago before all the textured cardstocks were the rage.  It's a bit old-fashioned, but it was fun to whip up a little something for the last few Christmas cards I had to send out.  Also, I tried to make it not clash with the colors of our annual card.  This was the first year that I didn't include some kind of letter with an update of our year.  With Facebook and Instagram, texting and more, I feel like the majority of my loved ones have a clue what's been happening.  Plus I just didn't really feel like writing one!  Here's the front of our family card.  The inside has individual pictures, including one from our missionary daughter.
 We are all going to be together next Christmas, so we can have all six of us in the family photo.
This is the card that I unearthed from my past stamping efforts, then recreated.  I used real red cardstock and gingham ribbon in red and also in black, and I ended up using the "love you" sentiment from Stampin' Up! A Light Heart, and the main image is an oldie but goody called Festive Four and the love you sentiment is from Sweet Talk.  I haven't used it in ages until today.
Happy new year!

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