Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Summer I know has come and gone

"Summer lovin,' had me a blast!
Summer lovin,' happened so fast..."

"Vote for Summer!"

My friend, SUMMER, has such a CHEERFUL name, although I'm SURE she's sick of me repeating the same old things she hears often regarding her name, most likely. But I cannot resist, so here comes more.

While the official start of summer here in these parts, was two days ago, my friend, SUMMER, has just moved away. SUMMER was so kind to give {ME} a going-away gift, when {SHE} is the one who left. SUMMER surprised me with this adorable pair of black and white print pajama bottoms because they reminded her of me. Isn't that sweet? I thought so. And as if that wasn't enough, she made this totally adorable card to go with it too. Thank you, SUMMER! I am sad that you are moving, but will enjoy staying in touch with you and seeing you again.

Here I go again...think retro...."Oh we've got to say good-bye, to the SUMMER."


Melissa said...

I'm sad to hear that your friend is moving away, but just think of all the cards you can send back and forth to eachother!

I'm loving the black, pink and white card and plan to do a gift ensemble using these colors within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kandis Smith said...

Oh I love that card! (pink's my fav!!) I'm very sorry about your friend as well. I just moved away from my best friend. It's been hard.

Leigh said...

I Love that card. Sorry to hear your friend is moving away

Suzanne said...

Hey Kelly,
Glad to see your back!! I sure missed your great stuff while you were gone!! Keep em coming!! I love the new look! Also, love to put a face with the name!

Kelly said...

Thanks, Suzanne. I would have thought that the kids being out of school would have given me more free time, but instead, I've been a taxi service and entertainment, etc. all day long, rather than just after school. I'll be busy stamping soon on a more regular basis and am grateful that you're still checking out the blog. Did you see that I used the stamp you gave me on my Father's Day card post (just before this one)?

Summer Adams said...

Oh Kelly!!! YOU're too kind :) Glad you enjoyed both the pj's and the card!!! Thanks for the sweet post!